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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Marathon Bread Made with Organic Flour  
Marathon Bread with Organic Flour  
Marathon Roll  
Marble Rye Serving Size: (1) 1-1/4" slice  
Marco Polo Bread Serving Size: (1) 3/4" slice  
Margarine, Corn Oil Corn Oil  
Margherita Pizza  
Margherita Specialty Thin Crust Pizza 1/8 Large  
Marinade, Chicken BBQ Chicken BBQ  
Marinade, Cilantro-Lime  
Marinade, Citrus Dill Citrus Dill  
Marinade, Fajita Fajita  
Marinade, Greek Greek  
Marinade, Honey Mustard Honey Mustard  
Marinade, Italian Italian  
Marinade, Jamaican Jerk Jamaican Jerk  
Marinade, Lemon & Garlic Lemon & Garlic  
Marinade, Lemon & Garlic  
Marinade, Mojo Mojo  
Marinade, Rosemary Balsamic Rosemary Balsamic  
Marinade, Santa Fe, Medium Santa Fe, Medium  
Marinade, Spiedie Spiedie  
Marinade, Steakhouse Peppercorn Steakhouse Peppercorn  
Marinade, Tangy Tangy  
Marinade, Teriyaki Teriyaki  
Marinade, Zesty Savory Zesty Savory  
Marinade, Zesty Thai Zesty Thai  
Marinara Sauce  
Marinated Artichoke Hearts  
Marinated Garlic Cloves  
Marinated Mushrooms  
Marinated Mushrooms with Red Peppers  
Marmalade, Orange Orange  
Mars Fun Size Exchange Bars  
Marsala Sauce, Mushroom Mushroom  
Marshmallow Treasures Cereal  
Marshmallows, Miniature Miniature  
Marshmallows, Miniature Miniature  
Marshmallows, Miniature, Fruit Flavored Miniature, Fruit Flavored  
Maryland Crab Cakes