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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Pancetta, Diced Diced  
Pane di Sesamo Serving Size: About 1/6 loaf  
Pane Italian  
Pane Italian  
Pane Italian Bread Serving Size: (2) 3/4" slices Pane Italian (2) 3/4" slices Sicilian Twist  
Pane Italian Half Loaf  
Panini Roll  
Panko Macadmia Tilapia 1 fillet, about 7 oz cooked  
Panko, Whole Wheat  
Papaya Chunks  
Papaya Spears, Low Sugar, No Sulphur Low Sugar, No Sulphur  
Papaya with Lime  
Parmacotto San Daniele Prosciutto Deli  
Parmesan & Garlic Potato Chips  
Parmesan & Romano  
Parmesan & Romano Cheese  
Parmesan & Romano, Grated  
Parmesan & Romano, Shredded Parmesan & Romano  
Parmesan Cheese  
Parmesan Cheese, Grated  
Parmesan Cheese, Grated Cheese Grated Cheese  
Parmesan Cream Sauce  
Parmesan Grated Cheese  
Parmesan Peppercorn Baguette (3) 1-1/2" slices  
Parmesan Romano Sauce  
Parmesan Romano, Sauce  
Parmigiano Reggiano, Shredded  
Party Mints  
Party Mints Assorted  
Party Mix, Original Flavor Original Flavor  
Party Mix, Sesame Sesame  
Pasta & Sauce Mix, Alfredo Alfredo  
Pasta & Sauce Mix, Butter Butter  
Pasta & Sauce Mix, Chicken Flavor Chicken Flavor  
Pasta & Sauce Mix, Parmesan Parmesan  
Pasta Alfredo with White Chicken & Broccoli  
Pasta Alfredo, with White Chicken & Broccoli with White Chicken & Broccoli  
Pasta Fagioli with Spinach Soup  
Pasta Farfalle  
Pasta Half Sized Spaghetti  
Pasta Jumbo Shells  
Pasta Marinara & Meatballs  
Pasta Marinara & Mozzarella  
Pasta Orzo