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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Haribo Gummi Clown Fish  
Harvest Blend  
Harvest Egg Barley Pasta  
Harvest Mix  
Harvest Mix, Premium Premium  
Harvest Salad  
Harvest Salad with Dressing  
Harvest Salad, with Dressing  
Harvest Vegetables  
Hash Brown Patties  
Hash Browns  
Hash Browns, Diced, Frozen  
Hash Browns, O'Brien O'Brien  
Hash Browns, Shredded Shredded  
Hatfield Liverwurst Deli  
Hatfield Olive Loaf Deli  
Hatfield Original Loaf Deli  
Hatfield Pickle & Pimento Loaf Deli  
Hazel 'Nuttin Chocolate Flavored Hazelnut Spread  
Hazel 'Nuttin Spread, Chocolate  
Hazel Nuttin' Spread  
Hazelnut Butter Cookies  
Hazelnut Crusted Tilapia 1 fillet, about 4 oz cooked  
Hazelnut Pistachio Butter Cookies  
Hearts of palm with Orange and Tarragon  
Heavy Cream  
Heavy Cream  
Heidi Ann Swiss Deli  
Herb & Garlic Rack of Lamb Ready to cook  
Herb Crusted Tilapia 1 fillet, about 4 oz cooked  
Herb Stuffing  
Herb Vinaigrette  
Herkimer Chutter  
Herkimer Elegant Trio Circles  
Herkimer Horseradish  
Herkimer Horseradish  
Herkimer Layers (Jalapeno, Sharp, Port Wine)  
Herkimer Merlot  
Herkimer Port Wine  
Herkimer Smoked Gouda with Sundried Tomatoes  
Herkimer Variety Pack (Extra Sharp, Port Wine, Garlic & Herb)  
Hershey Assorted Nuggets  
Hershey Caramel Kiss  
Hershey Kissables  
Hershey Kisses/Silver