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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Sushi, Spicy Shrimp Summer Roll  
Sushi, Spicy Tuna Roll - Medium  
Sushi, Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab)  
Sushi, Summer Roll  
Sushi, Summer Roll NJ, VA, MD Stores  
Sushi, Summer Roll Combo  
Sushi, Tempura Roll  
Sushi, Tempura Roll (210calories)  
Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken  
Sushi, Tuna Nigiri  
Sushi, Vegetable Combo  
Sushi, Vegetable Gyoza  
Sushi, Vegetable Roll (NJ, VA, MD Stores)  
Sushi, Yellow Fin Plate  
Swedish Fish  
Swedish Fish, Assorted Assorted  
Sweet & Sour Chicken (No Sauce)  
Sweet & Sour Sauce  
Sweet & Sour Sauce  
Sweet Bread & Butter Chips Sweet, Fresh Pack  
Sweet Bread & Butter Chips Sweet  
Sweet Bread & Butter Chips Sweet  
Sweet Capocollo - Battistoni Deli  
Sweet Chili Sauce  
Sweet Coppa - Battistoni Deli  
Sweet Coppa - Citterio Deli  
Sweet Corn, Raw  
Sweet Gherkins Sweet  
Sweet Midgets Sweet  
Sweet Notes Double Crisp  
Sweet Peas  
Sweet Peas  
Sweet Peas  
Sweet Peas, Organic Organic  
Sweet Peas, Small Small  
Sweet Potato Cuts, Cleaned and Cut Cleaned and Cut  
Sweet Potato, Raw 5" x 2"  
Sweet Sandwich Slices Sweet, Fresh Pack  
Sweet Sopressata Salame  
Sweet Whole Kernal Corn  
Sweetened Dried Cranberries Sweetened, Dried  
Sweetened Dried Philippine Mango Philippine, Sweetened Dried  
Sweetened Dried Tropical Pineapple Tropical, Sweetened Dried  
Sweetened Flakes of Corn, Frosted Flakes Frosted Flakes  
Sweetener, with Aspartame with Aspartame