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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, Puglia Style Extra Virgin, Puglia Style  
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, Sicilian Extra Virgin, Sicilian  
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, Toscano Extra Virgin, Toscano  
Olive Oil, Mild Mild  
Olive Oil, Mild Mild  
Olive Oil, Organic, Extra Virgin Organic, Extra Virgin  
Olive Oil, Pure Pure  
Olive Oil, Pure Pure  
Olive Oil, Pure Pure  
Olive Oil, Pure Pure  
Olive Oil, Pure Pure  
Olive Oil, Pure Pure  
Olives, Colossal Ripe, Pitted Colossal Ripe, Pitted  
Olives, Extra Large Ripe, Pitted Extra Large Ripe, Pitted  
Olives, Greek Mix Greek Mix  
Olives, Medium Ripe, Pitted Medium Ripe, Pitted  
Olives, Spanish Manzanilla Spanish Manzanilla  
Olives, Spanish Salad Spanish Salad  
Olives, Stuffed with Almonds Stuffed with Almonds  
Olives, Stuffed with Blue Cheese Stuffed with Blue Cheese  
Olives, Stuffed with Garlic Stuffed with Garlic  
Olives, Stuffed with Red Peppers Stuffed with Red Peppers  
Olivico Jumbo Green  
Onion & Bacon Specialty Thin Crust Pizza 1/8 Large  
Onion & Fine Herb Hummus  
Onion Pieces, French Fried French Fried  
Onion Rings, Thick Cut Thick Cut  
Onion Rings, Thick Cut  
Onion Roll  
Onion, Raw  
Onions, Balsamic Balsamic  
Onions, Chopped Chopped  
Onions, Grilled Grilled  
Onions, Whole, in Brine Whole, in Brine  
Orange Balsamic Vinegar  
Orange Hazelnut Asparagus  
Orange Juice  
Orange Juice  
Orange Juice Beverage with Vitamins  
Orange Juice Beverage, Light No Pulp  
Orange Juice, No Pulp  
Orange Juice, Organic Organic  
Orange Juice, Premium  
Orange Roughy, Raw