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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Sahlen's Carving Station Ham Deli  
Sahlen's Smokehouse Ham Deli  
Sahlen's Smokehouse Turkey Breast Deli  
Saint Felicien  
Salad Kit, Apple Pomegranate  
Salad Shrimp, Cooked Cooked  
Salad with Fat Free Italian Dressing Sandwich  
Salad, Asian, Organic Asian, Organic  
Salad, French Blend French Blend  
Salad, Fresh American Blend Fresh American Blend  
Salad, Fresh Garden Fresh Garden  
Salad, Fresh Italian Blend Fresh Italian Blend  
Salad, Iceberg & Romaine Iceberg & Romaine  
Salad, Large Pineapple Large Pineapple  
Salad, Romaine Romaine  
Salad, Toasted Almond Bulgar Toasted Almond Bulgar  
Saladena Blue Cheese Crumbles  
Salame Secchi - Columbus Deli  
Salami and Asiago Baguette  
Salami Napoli - Citterio Deli  
Salami, Dry, with Wine, Abruzzese Dry, with Wine, Abruzzese  
Salami, Genoa Genoa  
Salami, Genoa, Lower Fat Genoa, Lower Fat  
Salami, Hard Hard  
Salami, Hard, Lower Fat Hard, Lower Fat  
Salami, Parmesano  
Salami, Sopressata Sopressata  
Salami, Sopressata Sopressata  
Salami, Uncured, Herb Uncured, Herb  
Salami, Uncured, Hot Fennel Uncured, Hot Fennel  
Salami, Uncured, Italian Dry Uncured, Italian Dry  
Salami, Uncured, Peppered Uncured, Peppered  
Salami, Uncured, Sopressata Uncured, Sopressata  
Salmon (Chum/Pink), Raw  
Salmon Almondine 1 fillet, about 4 oz cooked  
Salmon Cajun With Garlic Pepper Sauce  
Salmon Cucumber Dill Wrap  
Salmon Fiore 1 fillet, about 4 oz cooked  
Salmon Parcel 1 fillet, about 6 oz cooked  
Salmon Primavera  
Salmon Teriyaki w/ Mushrooms & Sauce  
Salmon Topped with Lobster  
Salmon with Horseradish Sauce  
Salmon With Pesto Sauce  
Salmon with Shrimp Paste 1 fillet, about 5 oz cooked