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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Bread, Round, Pumpernickel Round, Pumpernickel  
Bread, Round, Rye Round, Rye  
Bread, Rye Rye  
Bread, Sandwich Sandwich  
Bread, Seasoned Stuffing Seasoned Stuffing  
Bread, Seedless Rye Seedless Rye  
Bread, Sesame Topped, Italiano Sesame Topped, Italiano  
Bread, Soft Crusted Multigrain  
Bread, Soft, 100% Whole Wheat Soft, 100% Whole Wheat  
Bread, Soft, 100% Whole Wheat, Club Pack Soft, 100% Whole Wheat, Club Pack  
Bread, Stuffing, Plain Stuffing, Plain  
Bread, Wheat, Buttertop Wheat, Buttertop  
Bread, Wheat, Italiano Wheat, Italiano  
Bread, White White  
Bread, White, Club Pack White, Club Pack  
Bread, Whole Grain Whole Grain  
Bread, Whole Wheat Whole Wheat  
Bread, with Omega-3s, White, Enriched with Omega-3s, White, Enriched  
Bread, Zucchini Walnut Zucchini Walnut  
Breaded Center Pork Chop Cooked, ready to cook  
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Cooked, ready to cook  
Breaded Chicken Tenders Cooked, ready to cook  
Breaded Pork Sirloin Cooked, ready to cook  
Breadsticks, Garlic Herb Garlic Herb  
Breadsticks, Torinesi Torinesi  
Breadsticks, Whole Wheat with Sesame Whole Wheat with Sesame  
Breakfast Bread, Honeycrisp Apple  
Breakfast Buns, Apple Apple  
Breakfast Buns, Lemon Lemon  
Breakfast Buns, Red Raspberry Red Raspberry  
Breakfast Maple Pork Sausage  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Egg & Bacon  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Egg & Cheddar  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Egg & Sausage  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Egg, Bacon, Cheddar  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Egg, Sausage & Cheddar  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Western Omelet & Bacon  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Western Omelet & Sausage  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Western Omelet, Cheese  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Western Omelet, Sausage & Cheese  
Breakfast with Sage, Chicken Sausage  
Breast Cutlet, broiled  
Breast Tenders, broiled  
Breast, Boneless Chef Trimmed  
Breast, Boneless/Skinless, broiled