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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Puff Pastry Sheet  
Pulled Pork Specialty Thin Crust Pizza 1/8 Large  
Pumpernickel Bagel  
Pumpernickel Roll  
Pumpkin Bar  
Pumpkin Cream Cheese  
Pumpkin Flax Granola  
Pumpkin Pie  
Pumpkin Seed Oil, Original Styrian Original Styrian  
Pumpkin Seeds  
Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Raw  
Pumpkin Seeds, Tamari, Organic Tamari, Organic  
Pumpkin, 100%, Solid Pack 100%, Solid Pack  
Pumpkin, Solid Pack Solid Pack  
Punch, Berry Berry  
Purdue Buffalo Style Chicken Breast Deli  
Purdue Golden Brown Chicken Breast Deli  
Pure Clover Honey  
Pure Maple Syrup  
Pure Maple Syrup  
Purple Haze  
Queso Azul  
Quiche Collection, Mini Mini  
Quick Oats  
Quick Oats  
Quick Oats  
Quick Oats, Organic Organic  
Quinoa, Imported, Organic Imported, Organic  
Radishes, Raw  
Rainbow Blend  
Rainbow Decorettes  
Rainbow Delight  
Rainbow Delight  
Rainbow Delight  
Rainbow Salad, Cleaned and Cut Cleaned and Cut  
Rainbow Trout, Raw  
Raisin Bagels Raisin  
Raisin Bran Cereal  
Raisins, 70% Cacao 70% Cacao  
Raisins, Chocolate Covered Chocolate Covered  
Raisins, Golden Golden  
Raisins, Organic Organic