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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh

Name Brand Description Access Level
Clementine Tangerines Melissa's  
Clementine, Raw  
Clementine, Raw Malt-O-Meal  
Cloudberry, Raw baked apple berry, salmonberry, yellowberry - Cloudberry, raw, Alaska Native  
Cocktail Avocado Frieda's  
Cocktail Grapefruit Melissa's  
Coconuts, Raw Dole  
Crab Apple Frieda's  
Crab Apples Melissa's  
Crabapple, Raw sliced  
Cranberries, Raw Dole  
Cranberry, High Bush, Raw Alaska Native  
Cranberry, Low Bush Or Lingenberry, Raw Alaska Native  
Cranberry, Raw chopped  
Cranberry, Sweetened, Raw  
Crow Berry, Raw  
Cucumber, Medium Chiquita  
Currant, Black, Raw  
Currant, European Black, Raw  
Currant, Red & White, Raw  
Currant, Red, Raw  
Custard Apple, Raw (bullock's Heart)  
Danish, Apple Country Inn & Suites  
Danish, Strawberry Country Inn & Suites  
Delite Mandarin Frieda's  
Donut Peach Frieda's descendant of Chinese flat peaches  
Dragon Fruit Melissa's  
Durian, Raw Or Frozen  
Elderberry, Raw  
Far Out Fruit Medley Denny's  
Feijoa, Raw w/o refuse  
Feijoas (pineapple Guava) Frieda's  
Fig, Raw 1.5'' dia  
Figs Melissa's  
Figs, Raw Wegmans  
Fresh-Cut Pineapple, Raw Dole 3 inch. diameter, 3/4 inch. thick  
Frozen Fruit , Mixed Fruit Dole  
Frozen Fruit, Blackberries Dole  
Frozen Fruit, Blueberries Dole  
Frozen Fruit, Dark Sweet Cherries Dole  
Frozen Fruit, Mango Dole  
Frozen Fruit, Organics Dole