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Understand your stress so you can manage it

Use Fitbit Sense to understand your stress, and manage its impact on your well-being by adjusting your activity, improving sleep or practicing mindfulness.

Sense features

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Understand your stress with Stress Management Score


Sense users see a daily Stress Management Score in the Fitbit app ranging from 1 to 100—where a higher number means you’re showing fewer physical signs of stress. It’s calculated based on three metrics: your responsiveness, exertion balance and sleep patterns.

Only Fitbit Premium members see their score breakdown.



stress score


Keep track of how you’re feeling from Very Calm to Very Stressed to gain awareness of your emotional well-being and how it changes. Together, your reflections and Stress Management Scores on Sense give you a holistic picture of how well you’re handling stress.

Get valuable insights with Premium

Only Fitbit Premium members see their Stress Management Score breakdown, which gives you insight into how to help your body manage stress better.

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