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Track, unpack and manage stress

Use your Fitbit to understand your stress—learn and practice techniques that help you manage its impacts on your well-being.

What is stress?

It’s the body's natural response to imbalance. Stress can help your body react or adjust to situations, but too much of it over time can take a toll on health. Fitbit helps you track your body’s physical and emotional responses to stress and equips you with tools & techniques to manage them.

Types of stress



Acute stress

Short-term stress is brought on by immediate perceived threats, like a deadline or alarm. Bursts of stress can help you motivate, focus, perform and respond quickly. Acute stress generally occurs and ends quickly making it one of the most common and least damaging types of stress.



Chronic stress

Prolonged stress can contribute to health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and more. The physical and emotional effects of chronic stress can be kept at bay through awareness and lifestyle changes.  






Physical indications of stress


EDA sensors, plus heart rate, heart rate variability and skin temperature tracking, help your Fitbit track physical indications of stress.

Identify signs of stress

All-day body-response tracking¹ uses physical indicators to help you see how your body reacts to all that life throws at you. Identify daily & weekly trends and manage stress with smart notifications that remind you to log your emotions.

Get feedback on your mindfulness with EDA

The EDA scan app tracks changes in heart rate and electrodermal responses—tiny electrical changes on your skin—so you can see how your body responds during mindfulness sessions.

See how well your body is handling stress

Each morning get a Stress Management Score based on your recent heart rate variability, activity and sleep. High score? Tackle your to-dos. Low score? Take a rest. Get a more in-depth breakdown with Premium.


Emotional Awareness


Identifying and tracking emotions can help you grow awareness of how your body responds to different experiences. With this information, you can explore the mind-body connection and influence your emotional responses in the future.


Mood logging

Log your mood and get in tune with your emotional responses to stress.




Tools & techniques to manage stress


Fitbit offers numerous options on-wrist and in-app—and even more with Premium—to help you manage your stress in the moment and over time.



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¹Fitbit's all-day body-response tracking feature is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate or manage any disease or condition. Please contact your healthcare professional for questions about your health.