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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Spam

Name Description Access Level
Breakfast Scramble, SPAM & Scrambled Eggs & Potatoes  
Canned Meat Product, 25% Less Sodium  
Canned Meat Product, Lite Lite  
Chorizo Seasoning  
Hot Dogs  
Lunch Meat, Pork & Chicken, Minced, Light can  
Lunch Meat, Pork (spam) Hormel, pork w/ham, minced, canned  
Lunch Meat, Pork W/ham, Minced can  
Lunch Meat, Pork, Ham & Chicken, Less Salt minced, canned, added Vit-C, includes SPAM, 25% less salt  
Lunch Meat, Pork, Light (spam) Hormel, pork/chicken, minced, canned w/Vit-C  
Luncheon meat  
Luncheon Meat  
Luncheon Meat  
Meal for 1 Spam & Sausage Jambalaya, Spicy Spam & Sausage  
Meal for 1, Spam & Cheesy Potatoes  
Meal For 1, Spam & Penne Pasta In Alfredo Sauce Spam & Penne Pasta In Alfredo Sauce  
Meal For 1, Spam & Red Beans With Rice, Spicy Spam & Red Beans With Rice  
Meal For 1, Spam & Roasted Potatoes With Gravy Spam & Roasted Potatoes With Gravy  
Meal For 1, Spam & Scalloped Potatoes  
Pork, Garlic Garlic  
Seasoning, Portugese Sausage  
Single Classic  
Spam & Macaroni & Cheese  
Spam & Penne Pasta in Alfredo Sauce Meal  
Spam Lunchmeat Spread  
Spam Lunchmeat with Cheese  
Spam Lunchmeat with Real Hormel Bacon  
Spam Lunchmeat, Classic  
Spam Lunchmeat, Hickory Smoked  
Spam Lunchmeat, Hot & Spicy  
Spam Lunchmeat, Less Sodium  
Spam Lunchmeat, Lite  
Spam Lunchmeat, Oven Roasted Turkey  
Spam, 25% less Sodium  
Spam, Black Pepper Black Pepper  
Spam, Jalapeno Jalapeno