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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Meijer

Name Description Access Level
Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches  
Sausage Links, Cooked  
Sausage Patties, Cooked, Frozen  
Sausage Patties, Maple Flavored  
Sausage Patties, Original  
Sausage Ravioli  
Sausage, Bratwurst Bratwurst  
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich  
Sausage, egg & Cheese Muffin  
Sausage, Hot Italian Hot Italian  
Sausage, Polish Polish  
Sausage, Sweet Italian Sweet Italian  
Sea Salt Popcorn  
Seasoning & Coating Mix, Chicken Chicken  
Seasoning & Coating Mix, Pork Pork  
Seasoning Mix, Beef Stew Beef Stew  
Seasoning Mix, Burrito Burrito  
Seasoning Mix, Burrito  
Seasoning Mix, Cheesy Taco Cheesy Taco  
Seasoning Mix, Chili Chili  
Seasoning Mix, Chili, Mild Chili, Mild  
Seasoning Mix, Fajita  
Seasoning Mix, Fajita Fajita  
Seasoning Mix, Hot & Spicy Taco, Hot Hot & Spicy Taco, Hot  
Seasoning Mix, Mild Chili  
Seasoning Mix, Taco Taco  
Seasoning Mix, Taco, Mild Taco, Mild  
Seasoning Mix, Taco, Reduced Sodium Taco, Reduced Sodium  
Seeded Hamburger Buns  
Seeded Hamburger Buns  
Seedless Blackberry Preserves  
Seedless Jam, Strawberry  
Seedless Strawberry Jam  
Select Italian Imported Farfalle  
Sesame Nut Mix  
Sesame Sticks, Roasted and Salted  
Sesame Stix, Oat Bran  
Sesame Stix, Roasted  
Sharp American Cheese Singles  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Finely Shredded