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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Meijer

Name Description Access Level
2% Reduced Fat Milk, Lactose Free  
32 Degrees Sour Strawberry Gum  
4 Cheese Italian Sausage  
97% Fat Free Smoked Ham  
Acai and Blueberry Flavored Juice Blend  
Acai and Grape Flavored Juice Blend  
Acini di Pepe  
Adult Gummie  
Adult Gummies  
Adult Gummies  
Adult Gummies  
Adult Gummies Multivitamin  
Adult Gummies Vitamins & Minerals  
Adult Gummies, Dietary Supplement  
Adult Gummies, Multivitamin  
Adult Gummy Vitamin C  
Adult Prenatal Gummies  
Adult Vitamin D3 Gummies, Dietary Supplement, 3 flavors  
After Dinner Mints  
Alaskan Pink Salmon, Wild Wild  
Alfredo Pasta & Sauce  
Alfredo Sauce, Classic  
Alfredo Sauce, Roasted Garlic  
All Butter European Croissant  
Almond Milk Pudding, Dark Chocolate  
Almond Milk, Original  
Almond Milk, Vanilla  
Almond Milk, Vanilla  
Almond Trio  
Almondmilk, Chocolate  
Almondmilk, Unsweetened Original  
Almondmilk, Unsweetened, Vanilla  
Almondmilk, vanilla  
Almonds, Blanched, Sliced Blanched, Sliced  
Almonds, Blanched, Slivered Blanched, Slivered  
Almonds, Blanched, Slivered Blanched, Slivered  
Almonds, Chili Lime Flavor  
Almonds, Chocolate Covered Chocolate Covered  
Almonds, Cocoa  
Almonds, Dark Chocolate  
Almonds, Dark Chocolate Cocoa Dusted