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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Meijer

Name Description Access Level
Chocolate Syrup  
Chocolate Syrup  
Chocolate Syrup  
Chopped Kale  
Chopped Pecans  
Chopped Spinach  
Christmas Tree Pretzels with Yogurt Coating  
Chunk Light Tuna  
Chunk Light Tuna  
Chunk Light Tuna in Vegetable Oil  
Chunk Light Tuna in Water  
Chunk Light Tuna In Water  
Chunk Light Tuna in Water  
Chunk Style, Crab Deluxe, Imitation Crabmeat, Fat Free  
Chunky Marinara Pasta Sauce  
Chunky Mixed Fruit  
Chunky Mixed Fruit, 100% Juice  
Chunky Red Pepper & Garlic Pasta Sauce  
Chunky Soup, Chicken Noodle  
Chunky Soup, Baked Potato with Bacon and Cheese  
Chunky Soup, Chicken & Chorizo Sausage Gumbo  
Chunky Soup, Chicken & Dumplings  
Chunky Soup, Chicken Corn Chowder  
Chunky Soup, Hearty Beef & Barley  
Chunky Soup, New England Style Clam Chowder  
Chunky Soup, Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables  
Chunky Soup, Split Pea & Ham  
Ciabatta Roll Square  
Cinnamon Bears  
Cinnamon Bears Candy  
Cinnamon Craze Pecans  
Cinnamon Disks  
Cinnamon French Toast Bites  
Cinnamon Graham Sticks  
Cinnamon Grahams  
Cinnamon Grahams  
Cinnamon Granola  
Cinnamon Imperials  
Cinnamon Pecan Danish Coffee Cake Ring  
Cinnamon Raisin  
Cinnamon Raisin Bread  
Cinnamon Rolls  
Cinnamon Rolls  
Cinnamon Rolls, Jumbos!, Original Jumbos!, Original