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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Meijer

Name Description Access Level
Sandwich Slice Pickles, Polish Dills Polish Dills  
Sauce, Chili Chili  
Sauce, Pizza, Traditional Pizza, Traditional  
Sausage, Bratwurst Bratwurst  
Sausage, egg & Cheese Muffin  
Sausage, Hot Italian Hot Italian  
Sausage, Polish Polish  
Sausage, Sweet Italian Sweet Italian  
Seasoning & Coating Mix, Chicken Chicken  
Seasoning & Coating Mix, Pork Pork  
Seasoning Mix, Beef Stew Beef Stew  
Seasoning Mix, Burrito Burrito  
Seasoning Mix, Cheesy Taco Cheesy Taco  
Seasoning Mix, Chili Chili  
Seasoning Mix, Chili, Mild Chili, Mild  
Seasoning Mix, Fajita Fajita  
Seasoning Mix, Hot & Spicy Taco, Hot Hot & Spicy Taco, Hot  
Seasoning Mix, Taco Taco  
Seasoning Mix, Taco, Mild Taco, Mild  
Seasoning Mix, Taco, Reduced Sodium Taco, Reduced Sodium  
Seedless Blackberry Preserves  
Shells & Cheese Dinner  
Shells and Cheese Dinner  
Shells, Jumbo Jumbo  
Shells, Small Small  
Shells, Small Shells Small Shells,  
Shredded Wheat, Bite Size  
Shrimp, Cooked Salad Cooked Salad  
Skillet Basics Macaroni and Cheese - Sauce Mix - Cheeseburger  
Skillet Basics Pasta and Cream Sauce Mix - Stroganoff  
Sliced Salad Olives with Pimiento  
Sliced Salad Olives, with Pimiento with Pimiento  
Slickles - Sandwich Slice Pickles - Kosher Dills  
Slickles - Sandwich Slice Pickles - Polish Dills  
Slickles, Sandwich Slice Pickles Sandwich Slice Pickles  
Sloppy Joe Sauce  
Smoked Sausage  
Snack Chips, Whole Grain Delights, French Onion Whole Grain Delights, French Onion  
Snack Crackers, Baked, Cheddar Baked, Cheddar  
Snack Mix, Original Recipe Original Recipe