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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Eggo

Name Description Access Level
Biscuit Scramblers, Egg & Cheese Egg & Cheese  
Cereal, Cinnamon Toast  
Cereal, Cinnamon Toast Cinnamon Toast  
Cereal, Maple Syrup Crunchy waffle-shaped cereal  
Cereal, Maple Syrup Maple Syrup  
Cereal, Maple Syrup Maple Syrup  
Cinnamon Roll Minis  
Eggo Wafflers, Strawberry Strudel Strawberry Strudel  
Eggo Waffles, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip  
Eggo Waffles, Cinnamon Toast Cinnamon Toast  
Eggo Waffles, Homestyle Homestyle, Family Pack  
Eggo Waffles, Thick & Fluffy Thick & Fluffy, Original Recipe  
Filled Waffles, Strawberry Strawberry  
French Toast Sticks, Stuffed, Maple Syrup Stuffed, Maple Syrup  
French Toaster Sticks, Chocolate Chip  
French Toaster Sticks, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip  
French Toaster Sticks, Cinnamon  
French Toaster Sticks, Cinnamon Cinnamon  
French Toaster Sticks, Original  
French Toaster Sticks, Original Original  
Homestyle Waffles  
Mini Muffin Tops, Blueberry 1 Set of 4  
Mini Muffin Tops, Chocolate Chips  
Mini Muffin Tops, Chocolate Chocolate Chip 'Eggo Bakeshop'  
Mini Rolls, Strawberry Strawberry  
Muffin Tops, Mini, Blueberry Mini, Blueberry  
Muffin Tops, Mini, Chocolate Chip Mini, Chocolate Chip  
Muffin Tops, Mini, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Mini, Chocolate Chocolate Chip  
Pancake Syrup, Buttery  
Pancake Syrup, Light  
Pancake Syrup, Original  
Pancake, Blueberry  
Pancake, Buttermilk frozen round pancakes  
Pancake, Chocolate Chip  
Pancake, Mini's  
Pancake, Multi-Grain Whole Wheat  
Pancakes, Blueberry Blueberry  
Pancakes, Buttermilk Buttermilk  
Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip  
Pancakes, Jungle Jungle  
Real Fruit Pizza, Individual Size, Mixed Berry Granola Individual Size, Mixed Berry Granola  
Stuffed French Toaster Sticks, Maple Syrup  
Swirlz, Cinnamon 'Eggo Bake Shop'