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Name Description Access Level
Salted Sweet Cream, Butter  
Saltines, Original  
Saltines, Unsalted Tops  
Sandwich Buns  
Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate Double Creme  
Sandwich Cookies, Duplex Creme  
Santa's White Christmas Ice Cream  
Sausage, Turkey, Hot Italian  
Scallops, Patagonian, Frozen  
Scallops, Patagonian, Roasted Garlic Cream  
Scampi Finishing Sauce  
Sea Scallops  
Seafood Cheese Spread, Reduced Fat  
Seafood Cocktail Sauce  
Seafood Gumbo  
Seafood Gumbo  
Seasoned Coutons  
Seasoned French Fried Potatoes  
Seasoned Salt, Chef's Style  
Seasoned Salt, Chef's Style  
Seasoning Blend  
Seasoning Mix, Taco  
Seasoning, Steak  
Seeded Whole Wheat Bread  
Seedless Blackberry Preserves  
Self-Rising Flour  
Seltzer Water  
Seltzer Water, Mandarin Orange  
Seltzer Water, Raspberry  
Semi Boneless Ham  
Semi- Sweet, Chocolate Morsels  
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels  
Sesame Sticks  
Sesame Sticks with Oat Bran  
Sharp American Cheese  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sticks  
Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Shredded  
Sharp Cheddar Shredded Cheese  
Sharpcheddar, Cracker Cut Cheese  
Shelled Walnuts  
Sherbet, Cool Lime Cool Lime