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Name Description Access Level
Cashews, Whole Whole  
Cauliflower Florets  
Center Cut Bacon  
Center Cut Bacon  
Cereal, Almonds & Oats Almonds & Oats  
Cereal, Cinnamon Oat Crunch  
Cereal, Cocoa Crunchies Cocoa Crunchies  
Cereal, Frosted Flakes  
Cereal, Frosted Oat, Magic Stars Frosted Oat, Magic Stars  
Cereal, Fruit Rings  
Cereal, Honey & Oats Honey & Oats  
Cereal, Koo-Kies! Koo-Kies!  
Cereal, Nutty Nuggets  
Cereal, PB & Cocoa PB & Cocoa  
Cereal, Raisin Bran  
Cereal, Toasted Corn, Frosted Flakes Toasted Corn, Frosted Flakes  
Cereal, Toasted Oats, Apple Cinnamon Toasted Oats, Apple Cinnamon  
Cereal, Toasted Oats, Triple Berry Toasted Oats, Triple Berry  
Cereal, Toasted Rice, Crispy Rice Toasted Rice, Crispy Rice  
Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Flavored Sausage  
Cheddar Rice Snacks  
Cheese Ravioli, Three Cheese Filling  
Cheese Spread with Pimientos  
Cheese Spread with Pimientos  
Cheese Spread with Pimientos  
Cheese Spread with Pimientos  
Cheese Spread, Pimiento  
Cheese Tortellini, Three Cheese Filling  
Cheese, Extra Sharp Cheddar  
Cheese, Extra Sharp Cheddar  
Cheese, Goat, Garlic and Herb  
Cheese, Monterey Jack  
Cheese, Provolone  
Cheese, Sharp Cheddar  
Cheesy Deluxe Macaroni Dinner  
Cheesy Shells Macaroni Dinner  
Chef Salad with Bacon Ranch Dressing  
Cherries, Maraschino  
Cherry Cola  
Cherry Cola  
Cherry Frosted Toaster Pastries  
Cherry Pomegranate Greek Yogurt  
Cherrywood Smoked Ham