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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sunsweet

Name Description Access Level
Prunes, Pitted, Lemon Essence Pitted, Lemon Essence  
Prunes, Pitted, Orange Essence Pitted, Orange Essence  
Prunes, Pitted, Value Pack  
Prunes, Premium, Pitted  
Prunes, Value Pack California, Super Select, Value Pack  
Ready to Serve Prunes, with Pits with Pits  
Sierra Trail Bites  
Smart Cherry Pomegranate Juice Cocktail  
Smart Juice, Mango Pineapple  
Sunsweet 6/5.5oz Prune Juice  
Sunsweet Antioxidant Blend Prunes  
Sunsweet Berry Blend  
Sunsweet Blueberries  
Sunsweet Cherries  
Sunsweet Chopped Dates  
Sunsweet Cranberries  
Sunsweet Jumbo Red Raisins  
Sunsweet Lighter Bake Butter or Oil Substitute  
Sunsweet Mediterranean Apricots  
Sunsweet Orchard Mix  
Sunsweet Philippine Mangos  
Sunsweet Philippine Pineapple  
Sunsweet Pineapples  
Sunsweet Pitted Dates  
Sunsweet PlumSmart Light  
Sunsweet PlumSmart Plum Juice  
Sunsweet Prune Juice  
Sunsweet Prune Juice with Pulp  
Sunsweet Prunes 60 Calorie Pack - Pitted Prune  
Sunsweet Prunes 60 Calorie Pack Cherry Essence Prunes  
Sunsweet Prunes Bite Size  
Sunsweet Prunes Cherry Essence  
Sunsweet Prunes Lemon Essence  
Sunsweet Prunes Ones - Individually Wrapped  
Sunsweet Prunes Ready to Serve Prunes  
Sunsweet Tropical Mix  
Thai Coconut Chips  
The Amazing Prune Juice Cocktail, Light  
Tropical Fruit Mix, Dried mango, papaya, pineapple, coconut, banana  
Tropical Mix, Premium Thailand Premium Thailand