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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sunsweet

Name Description Access Level
Fruit & Nut Clusters, Salted Caramel  
Fruit & Nut Clusters, Smokey BBQ  
Fruit & Nut Clusters, Spicy Sriracha  
Fruit Morsels  
Fruit Packs, Amazin' Prunes  
Fruit Packs, Mediterranean Apricots  
Fruitlings, Apricot Apricot  
Fruitlings, Cherry-Berry Cherry-Berry  
Fruitlings, Cranberry-Orange Cranberry-Orange  
Fruitlings, Island Mix Island Mix  
Fruitlings, Melon Mix Melon Mix  
Fruitlings, Tropical Mix Tropical Mix  
Gluten Free Supra Fiber Supplement  
Juice Cocktail, Plum, Light Plum, Light  
Juice, Prune Prune  
Juice, Prune, with Pulp  
Jumbo Red Raisins  
Jumbo Red Raisins  
Jumbo Red Raisins  
Light Plum Smart Juice Cocktail from Concentrate Plum, Light  
Light, Plum Smart  
Lighter Bake, Butter & Oil Replacement Butter & Oil Replacement  
Mango, Premium Thailand Premium Thailand  
Mangos, Philippine, Dried  
Mangos, Thailand, Dried  
Mediterranean Apricots Mediterranean  
Mediterranean Apricots 6-Pack  
Mediterranean Apricots, 6-Pack 6-Pack  
Mediterranean Dried Apricots  
Medium Dried Plums, with Pits with Pits  
Mixed Butter  
Nectarines, Dried  
Ones Amazing Prunes  
Ones Prunes  
Ones Prunes Ones  
Ones, Amazin' Prunes  
Ones, Amazing Prunes  
Ones, Prunes  
Orange Essence Pitted Prunes  
Orchard Fruit Mix, Dried prunes, pears, apples, apricots  
Orchard Mix