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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Post

Name Description Access Level
100% Bran Cereal 1 NLEA serving  
Alpha-Bits Limited Edition  
Alpha-Bits Multigrain Cereal  
Alpha-bits W/marshmallow 1 NLEA serving  
Alpha-bits, No Sugar  
Bamm-Bamm Berry Pebbles  
Banana Nut Crunch 1 NLEA serving  
Blueberry Morning 1 NLEA serving  
Bran Flakes 1 NLEA serving  
Cereal, Alpha-Bits Alpha-Bits  
Cereal, Honey Maid Honey Graham Honey Maid Honey Graham  
Cereal, Mini Cinnammon Churros Mini Cinnammon Churros  
Cereal, Mini Cinnammon Churros Mini Cinnammon Churros  
Cereal, Waffle Crunch  
Cocoa Pebbles 1 NLEA serving  
Cocoa Pebbles Cereal  
Cocoa Pebbles Sweetened Rice Cereal  
Cranberry Almond Crunch  
Frosted Alpha-bits 1 NLEA serving  
Frosted Shredded Wheat Bite Size 1 NLEA serving  
Frosted Spoon Size  
Fruit & Fibre Kraft, w/dates, raisins & walnuts (1 NLEA serving)  
Fruity Pebbles  
Fruity Pebbles 1 NLEA serving  
Fruity Pebbles Rice Cereal  
Fruity Pebbles Sweetened Rice Cereal  
Fruity Pebbles Treats  
Golden Crisp 1 NLEA serving  
Golden Crisp Cereal  
Golden Crisp Wheat Cereal  
Good Morenings Cereal, Berry Loops  
Good Morenings Cereal, Cocoa Cinnamon Crunch  
Good Morenings Cereal, Waffle Crunch  
Grape - Nuts, The Original Cereal  
Grape-nuts 1 NLEA serving  
Grape-nuts Trail Mix Crunch, Fruit & Nut  
Grape-Nuts Cereal, Original  
Grape-nuts Flakes 1 NLEA serving  
Grape-nuts O's  
Grape-nuts Trail Mix Crunch  
Grape-nuts Trail Mix Crunch, Apple Cinnamon  
Grape-nuts Trail Mix Crunch, Maple Nut & Brown Sugar  
Grape-Nuts, Cranberry Vanilla Cranberry Vanilla  
Grape-Nuts, The Original Cereal  
Grape-Nuts, The Original Cereal