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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Nestle

Name Description Access Level
Coffee-Mate, Smooth & Creamy Original  
Coffee-mate, Spiced Latte  
Coffee-mate, Sugar Free, Creamy Chocolate Sugar Free, Creamy Chocolate  
Coffee-mate, Sugar Free, Italian Sweet Creme  
Coffee-mate, Sugar Free, Italian Sweet Creme  
Coffee-mate, The Original  
Coffeemate Natural Bliss, Vanilla  
Coffeemate, Cinnamon Toast Crunch  
Coffeemate, Cinnamon Vanilla Creme  
Coffeemate, French Vanilla  
Coffeemate, Hazelnut  
Coffeemate, Hazelnut  
Coffeemate, Natural Bliss  
Coffeemate, Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer Vanilla  
Coffeemate, Natural Bliss Sweet Cream Flavor  
Coffeemate, Red Velvet  
Coffeemate, Sugar Free French Vanilla  
Coffeemate, Sweet Cream  
Coffeemate, Sweet Cream  
Coffeemate, Vanilla Caramel  
Coffeemate, Vanilla Natural Flavor  
Coffemate, The Original  
Coffin Crisp  
Coffin Crisp Wafer Bar  
Complete Nutrition, IBD IBD  
Complete Nutrition, IBD IBD  
Cookie Crisp  
Cookie Dipped Drumstick  
Cookie Dough, Chocolate Cherry  
Cookie Dough, Dark Chocolate Delight Dark Chocolate Delight  
Cookie Shapes, Pre-Cut, Chocolate Chip Pre-Cut, Chocolate Chip  
Cookie, Maple Walnut  
Cookies & Cream, Ice Cream  
Corn Flakes  
Corned Beef Hash, Canned 'Chef Mate'  
Country Gravy Mix 'Trio' dry  
Country Sausage Gravy, Rts 'Chef Mate'  
Cow Milk Table Cream / Media Crema  
Creamy Chocolate, Coffee-mate  
Creamy Coconut Fruit And Dairy Bar  
Creamy Yogurt  
Creme de Leite Table Cream  
Cruch Creamy Milk Chocolate With Crisped Rice