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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Nestle

Name Description Access Level
Chocolate, Premium Baking, Bar, Bittersweet Premium Baking, Bar, Bittersweet  
Chocolate, Variety Pack  
Chocolates, Assorted Heart Shaped Assorted Heart Shaped  
Chocolates, Butterfinger Jingles Bell Shaped Butterfinger Jingles Bell Shaped  
Chocolates, Crunch Jingles Bell Shaped Crunch Jingles Bell Shaped  
Chuckie, Chocolate Milk Drink  
Chunky Kit Kat Bar  
Chunky, Milk Chocolate with Peanuts & Raisins  
Coffe Creamer, Coffe-mate  
Coffe Mate, Mocha  
Coffe-mate Snickerdoodle Coffee Creamer  
Coffe-Mate, The Cheesecake Factory  
Coffee Creamer  
Coffee Creamer  
Coffee Creamer, Coffee-mate  
Coffee Creamer, Coffee-mate Original  
Coffee Creamer, Creamy Chocolate  
Coffee Creamer, Hazelnut  
Coffee Creamer, Italian Sweet Creme  
Coffee Creamer, Peppermint Mocha Peppermint Mocha  
Coffee Creamer, Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Spice  
Coffee Creamer, Sugar Free, Pumpkin Spice Sugar Free, Pumpkin Spice  
Coffee Creamer, Thin Mints  
Coffee Crisp  
Coffee Crisp  
Coffee Crisp  
Coffee Crisp Bar  
Coffee Crisp Bar  
Coffee Crisp Minis - Classic  
Coffee Crisp Thins  
Coffee Crisp, Thins Minces  
Coffee Mate  
Coffee Mate Coconut Milk Creamer, Sweet Creme  
Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla  
Coffee Mate Creamer  
Coffee Mate Creamer, Hazelnut  
Coffee Mate, Almond Milk Creamer Caramel  
Coffee Mate, Cafe Mocha  
Coffee Mate, Chocolate Creme  
Coffee Mate, Coconut Creme  
Coffee Mate, Cookies & Cream  
Coffee Mate, Creamer,, Souble Chocolate  
Coffee mate, Creme Brulee