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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Krystal

Name Description Access Level
Caramel Mocha Frost  
Cheese Krystal COMBOS - Cheese Krystal  
Cheese Krystal  
Cherry Freeze Anytime Treat  
Cherry Freeze  
Chik COMBOS - Krystal Chik  
Chik Biscuit COMBOS - Chik Biscuit  
Chik Biscuit  
Chik Club CHIK'S & CHIK'N - Chik Club  
Chik with Cheese  
Chik'n Bites COMBOS - Chik'n Bites  
Chik'n Bites (sm)  
Chik'n Bites Salad  
Chik'N Bites, Large Lunch and Dinner  
Chik'N Bites, Small Lunch and Dinner  
Chili SIDE ITEMS - Chili  
Chili Cheese Big Angus Burger COMBOS - Chili Cheese Big Angus Burger  
Chili Cheese Fries  
Chili Cheese Krystal FAMOUS KRYSTALS - Chili Cheese Krystal  
Chili Cheese Pup PUPS & CORN PUPS, COMBOS - Chili Cheese Pup  
Chili Cheese Pup  
Chili Pup PUPS & CORN PUPS - Chili Pup  
Chili, Large Lunch and Dinner  
Chocolate Shake, Large  
Chocolate Shake, Regular Anytime Treat  
Club Chik COMBOS - Club Chik  
Coca-Cola Classic (frzn)  
Coca-Cola Classic (sm)  
Coca-Cola® Freeze Anytime Treat  
Coffee BEVERAGES - Premium Blend Coffee  
Coke, Large BEVERAGES - Coca-Cola - Large  
Coke, Medium BEVERAGES - Coca-Cola - Medium  
Coke, Small BEVERAGES - Coca-Cola - Small  
Corn Pup COMBOS, PUPS & CORN PUPS - Corn Pup  
Corn Pup  
Country Breakfast  
Crispy Chicken Salad COMBOS - Crispy Chik'n Salad  
Crystal Light Fruit Punch Beverages  
Crystal Light Lemonade Beverages  
Crystal Light Peach Tea Beverages  
Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Beverages  
Custom Breakfast with 3 Fried Eggs, Sausage, Grits, Toast Breakfast  
DBL Cheese Krystal  
Diet Coke (sm)  
Diet Coke, Large BEVERAGES - Diet Coke - Large