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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Krystal

Name Description Access Level
12 0z Land O' Lakes Grip'n Go® 2% Milk Beverages  
4 Pancakes Breakfast  
4-Carb Scrambler W/Bacon Breakfast  
4-Carb Scrambler W/Sausage Breakfast  
4Carb Scrmblr (bacon)  
4Carb Scrmblr (sausage)  
Apple Jelly Condiments  
Apple Turnover TREATS - Apple Turnover  
Ba Burger Lunch and Dinner  
Ba Chili Cheese Lunch and Dinner  
Ba Double Bacon Cheese Lunch and Dinner  
BA Double Bacon Cheese  
BA with Cheese  
Bacon Biscuit Breakfast  
Bacon Cheese Krystal FAMOUS KRYSTALS - Bacon Cheese Krystal  
Bacon Cheese Krystal  
Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit  
Bacon Egg Cheese On Toast Breakfast  
Bacon On Toast Breakfast  
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit COMBOS - Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit  
Banana Freeze Anytime Treat  
Barq's® Root Beer Lrg Beverages  
Barq's® Root Beer Med Beverages  
Barq's® Root Beer Sm Beverages  
Bbq Bacon & Cheese Ba Lunch and Dinner  
BBQ Bacon Big Angus Burger COMBOS - BBQ Bacon Big Angus Burger  
Big Angus Double Bacon Cheese COMBOS - Big Angus Double Bacon Cheese  
Big Stack Breakfast Plate BREAKFAST MENU - Big Stack Breakfast Plate  
Biscuit Breakfast  
Biscuit & Gravy  
Blitz Energy Freeze Anytime Treat  
Blitz Enery Drink (On The Rocks) Anytime Treat  
Blueberry Freeze Anytime Treat  
Blueberry Freeze  
Breakfast Toast Sandwich COMBOS, BREAKFAST MENU - Breakfast Toast Sandwich  
Breakfeast: Scrambled Eggs, 2 Sausage, 2 Bacon, Pancakes Breakfast  
Cheese Krystal COMBOS - Cheese Krystal  
Cheese Krystal  
Cherry Freeze Anytime Treat  
Cherry Freeze  
Chik Biscuit COMBOS - Chik Biscuit  
Chik Biscuit  
Chik Club CHIK'S & CHIK'N - Chik Club  
Chik'n Bites COMBOS - Chik'n Bites