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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Hormel

Name Description Access Level
Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash, Homestyle  
Mary Kitchen, Corned Beef  
Mary Kitchen, Corned Beef Hash  
Mary Kitchen, Corned Beef Hash  
Mary Kitchen, Roast Beef Hash  
Mary's Chili Verde  
Mashed Potatoes  
Mashed Potatoes, Garlic  
Mashed Potatoes, Homestyle  
Mashed Potatoes, Loaded  
Mashed Potatoes, Loaded Loaded  
Mashed Sweet Potatoes  
Mashed Sweet Potatoes  
Meat Loaf & Tomato Sauce, Family Size Homestyle Family Size Homestyle  
Meat, Spiced Luncheon Spiced Luncheon  
Meat, Spiced Luncheon Spiced Luncheon  
Meatballs, & Gravy & Gravy  
Meatloaf with Potatoes & Gravy  
Meatloaf with Tomato Sauce  
Mesquite Barbecue Loin Filet  
Microwave Ready, Bacon  
Mild Pepperoni  
Mini Beef Ravioli  
Mini Beef Ravioli, in Tomato Sauce in Tomato Sauce  
Mojo Loin Filet  
MVP Snack Kit  
MVP Snack Kit, Cheddar Wrap Kit with Bacon Cumbles & Laffy Taffy Candy  
MVP Snack Kit, Cheese + Crackers with Pepperoni & Nerds Candy  
MVP Snack Kit, Peanut Butter & Jelly Roll-Up Kit  
MVP Snack Kit, Pizza Wrap Kit with Pepperoni  
Natural Choice Deli Turkey, Applewood Smoked  
Natural Choice Deli Turkey, Cracked Black Pepper  
Natural Choice Mesquite Deli Turkey  
Natural Choice, Applewood Smoked Ham  
Natural Choice, Bacon Club  
Natural Choice, Flame Seared Herb Turkey Breast  
Natural Choice, Honey Deli Ham  
Natural Choice, Smoked Deli Ham  
Natural Choice, Turkey Breast & Pepper Jack  
New England Clam Chowder  
Noodle Rings & Chicken  
Noodle Rings & Chicken  
Noodles & Beef  
Nutritional Shake, Fortified, Butter Pecan Fortified, Butter Pecan  
Nutritional Shake, Fortified, Vanilla Fortified, Vanilla