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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Hormel

Name Description Access Level
Black Label Double Smoked Bacon  
Black Label Fully Cooked Bacon  
Black Label Ham Water Added, Fully Cooked  
Black Label Maple Bacon  
Black Label, Bacon, Original  
Black Label, Bacon, Thick Cut  
Black Label, Thick Cut Bacon Thick Slice  
Boneless Pork  
Boneless Pork Center Cut Chops  
Boneless Pork Chops & Gravy  
Boneless Pork, Center Cut Chops  
Bread Ready, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast  
Bread Ready, Roast Beef  
Broccoli Cheese with Ham Soup  
Canadian Bacon  
Canadian Bacon  
Canadian Bacon  
Canadian Bacon Pizza Style Canadian Style Bacon  
Canadian Bacon Slices Slices  
Canadian Bacon, Pizza Style  
Canadian Bacon, Uncured  
Canadian Style Bacon, Premium Premium  
Canadian Style Bacon, Sandwich Style Sandwich Style  
Carved Chicken Breast, Oven Roasted Oven Roasted  
Carved Chicken Breast, with Rib Meat, Grilled with Rib Meat, Grilled  
Cheddar Broccoli Rice  
Cheddar Wrap Kit with Fruit Flavored Snacks & Salami  
Cheese Manicotti, with Meat Sauce  
Cheese Sauce  
Cheese, Medium Cheddar Medium Cheddar  
Cheesy Potatoes & Beef  
Cheesy Potatoes & Ham  
Cheezy Mac 'N Beef  
Cheezy Mac 'N Cheese  
Cheezy Mac 'N Cheese, Macaroni & Cheese Macaroni & Cheese  
Cheezy Mac 'N Franks  
Cheezy Mac'n Franks  
Cherrywood Smoked Deli Ham  
Cherrywood Smoked Deli Ham  
Cherrywood Smoked Deli Ham Natural Choice Cherrywood Smoked  
Cherrywood Smoked Uncured Bacon  
Cherrywood Thick Cut Bacon  
Cherrywood, Thick Cut Bacon  
Chicken & Dumplings  
Chicken & Noodles