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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in El Rio

Name Description Access Level
Beans, Pints 15 Oz Pints 15 Oz  
Beans, Refried Refried  
Cheese Sauce, Nacho Medium 16 Oz Nacho Medium 16 Oz  
Cheese Sauce, Nacho, Hot Nacho, Hot  
Cheese Sauce, Nacho, Mild Nacho, Mild  
Cheese Sauce, Nacho, Regular Nacho, Regular  
Cheese Sauce, Nacho, with Jalapenos, Medium Nacho, with Jalapenos, Medium  
Chili Con Carne W/o Bean can  
Chili Con Carne, No Beans No Beans  
Chili Con Carne, with Beans with Beans  
Chili Sauce, Hot Dog, with Beef Hot Dog, with Beef  
Chilies, Diced Green Diced Green  
Chopped Olives, Ripe, with Jalapenos Ripe, with Jalapenos  
Coconut/Milk Candy with Pecans  
Enchilada Sauce, All Natural Mild 15 Oz All Natural Mild 15 Oz  
Enchilada Sauce, Hot Hot  
Enchilada Sauce, Mild Mild  
Enchilada Sauce, Mild  
Fish taco sauce - Baja Style  
Green Chilies, Whole, Roasted, Peeled Whole, Roasted, Peeled  
Hot Dog Chili Sauce, W/Beef 15 Oz W/Beef 15 Oz  
Hot Tamales, W/Chili Sauce W/Chili Sauce  
Hot Tamales, with Chili Sauce with Chili Sauce  
Jalapenos, Diced Diced  
Jalapenos, Diced 4 Oz Diced 4 Oz  
Nacho Cheese Sauce, Mild 16 Oz Mild 16 Oz  
Nacho Cheese Sauce, Mild with Jalapenos Mild with Jalapenos  
Nacho Cheese Sauce, Regular W/Jalapeno 15 Oz Regular W/Jalapeno 15 Oz  
Pinto Beans  
Rectangular Shells, for Open Face Tacos for Open Face Tacos  
Refried Beans, All Natural All Natural  
Refried Beans, Black Beans Black Beans  
Refried Beans, W/Green Chilies 1 Lb. W/Green Chilies 1 Lb.  
Refried Beans, with Green Chilies with Green Chilies  
Ripe Sliced Olives, with Jalapenos with Jalapenos  
Sauce Mix, Enchilada Enchilada  
Sauce, Enchilada 15 Oz Enchilada 15 Oz  
Seasoning Mix, Burrito Burrito  
Seasoning Mix, Chili Chili  
Seasoning Mix, Fajita Fajita  
Spanish Rice, All Natural All Natural  
Taco Boats, Yellow Corn Yellow Corn  
Tomatoes & Green Chilies