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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wal-Mart

Name Description Access Level
Premium Fillets, Mahi Mahi  
Premium King Crab Legs & Claws  
Premium Snow Crab Legs Fully Cooked  
Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake  
Raspberry Cream Cheese Cake Bites  
Raw Baby Scallops  
Raw Shrimp, Extra Large  
Raw Shrimp, Medium  
Salmon Fillets, Skin-On  
Salmon Fillets, Skin-On  
Sandwich Cookies, Orange Pineapple Creme Orange Pineapple Creme  
Shrimp Ring  
Shrimp, Colossal Colossal  
Shrimp, Cooked, Colossal Cooked, Colossal  
Shrimp, Cooked, Extra Large Cooked, Extra Large  
Shrimp, Cooked, Jumbo Cooked, Jumbo  
Shrimp, Cooked, Large  
Shrimp, Cooked, Large Cooked, Large  
Shrimp, Cooked, Medium Cooked, Medium  
Shrimp, Cooked, with Cocktail Sauce Cooked, with Cocktail Sauce  
Shrimp, Extra Large Extra Large  
Shrimp, Extra Small Extra Small  
Shrimp, Jumbo Jumbo  
Shrimp, Large Large  
Shrimp, Large Raw, Shell-On Large Raw, Shell-On  
Shrimp, Medium Medium  
Shrimp, Medium Cooked Medium Cooked  
Shrimp, Raw, Jumbo  
Shrimp, Raw, Small  
Shrimp, Small Small  
Sirloin Tender Steak  
Skinless Catfish Fillets  
Small Shrimp Cooked  
Sourdough Bread  
Stew Meat Lean  
Strawberry Blueberry Blend  
Sugar Cookies  
Sweet Pickle Relish  
Taters, Shredded Potatoes  
Tilapia Fillets  
Tilapia Fillets, Boneless Skinless  
Tilapia Fillets, Boneless, Skinless  
Top Sirloin Steak  
Twin French Bread