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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Nestle

Name Description Access Level
Crunch, with Caramel, King Size with Caramel, King Size  
Damak Dark Chocolate  
Damak, Fine Chocolate with Pistachios  
Damak, Fine Chocolate with Whole Pistachios  
Dark Chocolate Caramel  
Dark Chocolate Flavor Hot Cocoa Mix Dark Chocolate Flavor  
Dark Chocolate Flavor Hot Cocoa Mix  
Dark Chocolate Mints  
Dark Chocolate Morsels  
Dark Chocolate Raisinets  
Dark Chocolate, Hot Cocoa Mix  
Delightfuls Milk Chocolate Morsels with Caramel Filling  
Dessert Bar, Frozen Dairy, Cookies n' Cream Frozen Dairy, Cookies n' Cream  
Dessert Bar, Frozen Dairy, Fudge Frozen Dairy, Fudge  
Dessert Bar, Frozen Dairy, Strawberries & Cream Frozen Dairy, Strawberries & Cream  
Dessert Bar, Frozen, Orange & Cream  
Diabetic Boost Complete Nutrition Strawberry Fraise  
Dibs, Crunch Bite Sized Frozen snacks  
Dolcetto, Chocolate Caramel Bliss  
Double Cream  
Dreamy Clusters  
Drink Mix, Chocolate Chocolate  
Drink Mix, Chocolate Flavored, Carlos V Chocolate Flavored, Carlos V  
Drink Mix, Fortified Chocolate Flavored Fortified Chocolate Flavored  
Drink Mix, Granulated Chocolate Granulated Chocolate  
Drumstick Cone, Vanilla  
Drumstick Frozen Dessert Cone, Vanilla, Giant Nugget  
Drumstick Giant Nugget Ice Cream Cone, Cookie Dough  
Drumstick Giant Nugget, Chocolate  
Drumstick Ice Cream  
Drumstick Ice Cream Cone, S'mores  
Drumstick Lil'Drums Sundae Cones  
Drumstick Minis, Vanilla  
Drumstick Minis, Vanilla, Simply Dipped  
Drumstick Minis, Vanille au Caramel  
Drumstick S'mores, Variety Cones  
Drumstick Sundae Cone  
Drumstick Sundae Cone, Butterfinger Dipped  
Drumstick Sundae Cone, Chocolate Fudge Brownie  
Drumstick Sundae Cone, Variety Pack Variety Pack  
Drumstick, Butterfinger Dipped  
Drumstick, Cookie Dipped  
Drumstick, Cookie Dipped, Cookies & Cream Cookie Dipped, Cookies & Cream  
Drumstick, Peanut Butter Variety