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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Drake's

Name Description Access Level
All Butter Pound Cake  
All-Purpose Breading Mix  
Alpine Yodels Frosted Creme Filled Cake Rolls  
Apple Fruit Pie  
Apple Fruit Pies  
Apple Fruit Pies  
Assorted Donuts  
Avocado Black Bean Burger  
Baked Lava Roll  
BBQ Burger  
Big Bleu Burger  
BLT Salad  
BLT Salad with Roasted Chicken  
BLT Salad with Seared Salmon  
BLT Tots  
Blue Cheese & Apple Salad  
Blue Cheese & Apple Salad with Roasted Chicken  
Blue Cheese & Apple Salad with Seared Salmon  
Blue Cheese Dressing  
Blueberry Mini Muffins  
Boston Roll  
Broccoli Florets  
Brownies, Cookies & Creme  
Buffalo Chicken Dip  
Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese  
Buffalo Chicken Minis  
Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla  
Buffalo Chicken Wrap  
Buttermilk Pancake Mix  
Cake Rolls, Frosted Creme Filled, Twin Wrapped  
Cake, Devil's Food Devil's Food  
Cakes, Coffee  
Calamari Salad  
California Cobb Salad  
California Cobb Salad with Seared Salmon  
California Roll  
Cheddar Burger  
Cheese Stuffed Shells  
Cherry Fruit Pie  
Cherry Fruit Pie  
Cherry Fruit Pies  
Chicago Roll  
Chicken Asada Tacos  
Chicken Chopped Salad  
Chicken Dumplings