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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Dagoba

Name Description Access Level
Dark Chocolate, Organic, Rich, 74% Cacao Organic, Rich, 74% Cacao  
Dark Chocolate, Organic, Superfruit, 74% Cacao Organic, Superfruit, 74% Cacao  
Dark Chocolate, Pacuare Pacuare  
Drinking Chocolate  
Drinking Chocolate, 12 Oz 12 Oz  
Drinking Chocolate, Chai  
Drinking Chocolate, Chai Chai  
Drinking Chocolate, Organic, Authentic Organic, Authentic  
Drinking Chocolate, Organic, Unsweetened Organic, Unsweetened  
Drinking Chocolate, Organic, Xocolatl Organic, Xocolatl  
Eclipse Chocolate Bar  
Extra Dark Chocolate  
Extra Dark Chocolate  
Hazelnut Chocolate Bar  
Lavender Blueberry  
Lavender Blueberry Chocolate Bar  
Lavender tasting squares  
Lemon Ginger Chocolate Bar  
Milk Chocolate  
Milk Chocolate tasting squares  
Milk Chocolate, Organic Organic  
Milk Chocolate, Organic, 37% Cacao Organic, 37% Cacao  
New Moon Chocolate Bar  
New Moon Organic Rich Dark Chocolate Organic, New Moon  
New Moon tasting squares  
Organic Chocolate  
Organic Chocolate Chocodrops, Premium Dark Chocolate Drop  
Organic Chocolate Milk  
Organic Chocolate, Cacao Powder  
Organic Chocolate, Chai  
Organic Chocolate, Ginger Lime  
Organic Chocolate, Mint  
Organic Chocolate, Roseberry  
Organic Chocolate, Xocolatl  
Organic Dark Chocolate & Orange Zest  
Organic Dark Chocolate, Lemonberry Zest  
Orgranic Chocolate, Chai  
Picante Chocolate with Chilies and Nibs  
Rich Dark Chocolate Chilies & Nibs, Xocolatl  
Roseberry Chocolate Bar  
Semisweet Baking Chocolate baking Bar  
Semisweet Chocolate for Baking  
Superfruit Chocolate Bar  
Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Bar  
Unsweetened Drinking Chocolate Canister