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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Canola Harvest

Name Description Access Level
100% Pure Canola Oil  
Baking Margarine Baker's Margarine  
Buttery Spread  
Buttery Spread, Original Original  
Buttery Spread, With Flaxseed Oil With Flaxseed Oil  
Canola Flaxseed Blended Margarine, Non Hydrogenated Canola and flaxseed margarine blend  
Canola Oil 100% canola oil  
Canola Oil, Pure Pure  
Canola Olive Blended Oil Canola oil and extra virgin olive oil blend  
Canola Olive Oil Blended Margarine, Non Hydrogenated Canola and olive oil margarine blend  
Cooking Oil Spray, Canola non-stick, original and butter flavor; 1 spray = 0.4 second spray  
Margarine With Olive Oil  
Margarine, Buttery Flavor  
Margarine, Non Hydrogenated Original; 100% non hydrogenated  
Premium Margarine, Non Hydrogenated Non Hydrogenated  
Premium Margarine, Non-Hydrogenated, with Flaxseed Oil Non-Hydrogenated, with Flaxseed Oil  
Soft Margarine