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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in 3 NN Nutrient Literature

Name Description Access Level
Anti-sticking Agent A  
Anti-sticking Agent B  
Anti-sticking Agent C  
Butter, Salt 2%  
Color, Caramel, Powder, 1  
Color, Caramel, Powder, 3  
Corn Syrup, 43/43 De Ion Exchanged  
Corn Syrup, 43/43 De, Not Ion-exch. Not Ion Exchanged  
Corn Syrup, 44/63 De Ion-Exchanged  
Corn Syrup, 44/63 De, Not Ion-exch.  
Flavor, Cherry, Wonf  
Flavor, Chocolate, Art.  
Flavor, Vanilla Sugar, Pure  
Glaze, For Chocolate & Compound-coated Surfaces  
Milk, Whole Powder, Roller Process Roller process, dehydrated to 3% moisture  
Milk, Whole, Solids  
Polish, For Chocolate & Compound-coated Surfaces  
Precoating Agent For Confectionery Centers  
Raspberry, Puree, Red  
Rice, Crisped, A  
Rice, Crisped, B Rice, sugar, salt, malt  
Water, Pure