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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Minerals

Name Brand Description Access Level
Alfalfa Tablets Shaklee  
Attention Dietary Supplement Liquid Health  
Bone Builder W/calcium Schiff  
Bone Health Supplement Healthy Woman  
Calci-chew, Capsule R&D Laboratories CA supplement, oral, chewable  
Calci-mix, Capsule R&D Laboratories CA supplement, oral, powdered in pull-apart capsule  
Calcium & Magnesium Supplement Liquid Health  
Calcium Citrate Plus Magnesium Twinlab  
Hydro PROtein Liquid Health  
Iron Capsules Twinlab natural chelated iron capsules  
Iron Supplement Tablets Ferro-Sequels  
Mag-carb, Capsule R&D Laboratories MG supplement, oral  
Mag-tab Sr Magnesium Mag-Tab SR MG L-lactate dihydrate caplets  
Multi-mineral Schiff guided minerals multi-mineral complex  
Nephro-calci, Tablet R&D Laboratories CA supplement, oral  
Nephro-fer Otc, Tablet R&D Laboratories iron supplement, oral  
Nephro-fer Rx, Tablet R&D Laboratories iron supplement w/folic acid, oral  
Nephro-vite Otc, Tablet R&D Laboratories dialysis/predialysis patients - vitamin B complex & C; oral  
One A Day Calcium One A Day CA plus MG & Vit-D  
Os-cal 500 Smithkline  
Os-cal 500 Plus Vit-d Smithkline  
Os-cal Fortified Smithkline  
Tums Calcium Tums  
Tums Calcium, Ultra Tums  
Zinc Shaklee high potency zinc plus CA  
Zinc Twinlab natural chelated zinc