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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in publix


Name Description Access Level
Mango Apricot Lowfat Yogurt  
Mango Chunks  
Mango Pomegranate Greek Yogurt  
Mango Yogurt  
Mango, Fruit of the bottom Lowfat yogurt  
Manzanilla Olives  
Manzanilla Olives  
Manzanilla Stuffed Olives  
Manzanilla Thrown Spanish Olives  
Manzanilla Thrown Spanish Olives  
Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal  
Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal  
Maraschino Cherries  
Maraschino Cherries with Stems  
Marcona Almonds, Roasted & Salted  
Marinade, Mojo  
Marinara Pasta Sauce  
Market Ground Beef  
Marmalade, Orange  
Marsala, Cooking Wine  
Marshmallows, Big & Fluffy  
Matchstick Carrots  
Matchstick Carrots  
Meat Flavored Pasta Sauce  
Meatballs in Marinara Sauce  
Meatloaf Seasoning Mix  
Meatloaf, Homestyle Beef Homestyle Beef  
Medium Cheddar  
Medium Cheddar Cheese  
Medium Chunky Salsa  
Medium Pink Shrimp  
Medium Shells  
Medium Shells Macaroni  
Medium Shrimp  
Medium Shrimp  
Medium Shrimp Platter  
Medium Thick & Chunky Salsa  
Men's Multivitamin Gummies Dietary Supplement Gummies  
Mesquite Smoke Flavored Almonds  
Mesquite Smoked Turkey  
Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese  
Mexican Four Cheese Blend  
Microwaveable Carrots  
Mild Cheddar