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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Tofurky

Name Description Access Level
Andouille Meatless Sausage  
Andouille, Artisan, Cajun-Style Artisan, Cajun-Style  
BBQ Chick'n Pocket Sandwiches  
Beer Brats with Microbrewed Full Sail Ale, Vegan  
Bologna Style Deli Slices  
Chick'n & Apple  
Chick'n Pot Pie  
Cranberry Apple Potato Dumplings, Vegan  
Deli Slices, Hickory Smoked Hickory Smoked  
Deli Slices, Peppered Peppered  
Giblet & Mushroom Gravy, Vegan  
Ground Beef Style  
Hot Dogs, Vegan  
Italian Deli Slices with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil  
Italian Sausage & Fire-Roasted Veggie Pizza  
Jerky, Peppered Peppered  
Jumbo Hot Dogs  
Jurky, Ginger Teriyaki Ginger Teriyaki  
Kielbasa Meatless Sausage  
Kielbasa, Polish-Style Meatless Sausage  
Meatless Beer Brats  
Meatless Breakfast Links  
Meatless Breakfast Links, Vegan  
Meatless Deli Slices, Cranberry & Stuffing, Vegan  
Meatless Deli Slices, Hickory Smoked, Vegan  
Meatless Deli Slices, Italian, Vegan  
Meatless Deli Slices, Original, Vegan  
Meatless Deli Slices, Peppered, Vegan  
Meatless Deli Slices, Philly Style, Vegan  
Meatless Deli Slices, Vegan  
Meatless Frank, Chipotle, Vegan  
Meatless Frank, Vegan  
Meatless Italian Sausage With Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil Italian, With Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil  
Meatless Italian-style Tofu Sausage  
Meatless Jurky, Ginger Teriyaki, Vegan  
Meatless Jurky, Original, Vegan  
Meatless Jurky, Peppered, Vegan  
Meatless Kielbasa  
Meatless Kielbasa, Meat Free  
Meatless Pepperoni Pizza Pockets  
Meatless Pepperoni Slices  
Meatless Roast Beef Style  
Meatless Superburger, Original  
Meatless Superburger, Texmex