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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Spice Islands

Name Description Access Level
2.1 Oz, Paprika Paprika  
Allspice, Ground  
Arrowroot, 2.5 Oz 2.5 Oz  
Base Stock, Chicken 3.2 Oz Chicken 3.2 Oz  
Basil, Dried, Crumbled  
Bay Leaf, Dried, Crumbled  
Beau Monde Seasoning, Gourmet Blend Gourmet Blend  
Black Pepper, Ground  
Caraway Seed (cardamon)  
Cardamom Seed (cardamon)  
Cayenne Pepper  
Cayenne Pepper, 2.3 Oz 2.3 Oz  
Cayenne Pepper, Ground  
Celery Salt  
Celery Salt, 3 Oz 3 Oz  
Celery Seed  
Chicken Stock Base  
Chili Pepper, Ground  
Chili Powder  
Chili Powder, 2.4 Oz. 2.4 Oz.  
Chili Powder, with New Mexico Chilies with New Mexico Chilies  
Chipotle Chile Seasoning, Grinder Grinder  
Chipotle Chile, Grinder 2 Oz Grinder 2 Oz  
Chipotle Chile, Ground 2.3 Oz Ground 2.3 Oz  
Cilantro Seed  
Cinnamon Sugar, Grinder Grinder  
Cinnamon, Ground  
Cloves, Ground  
Coriander Seed  
Cumin Seed  
Curry Powder, Spicy Spicy  
Curry Powder, Spicy 2.7 Oz Spicy 2.7 Oz  
Dill Seed  
Fennel Seed  
Garlic & Herb Blend, Grinder Grinder  
Garlic & Herb, Grinder 2.2 Oz Grinder 2.2 Oz  
Garlic Pepper Blend, Grinder Grinder  
Garlic Pepper Seasoning, Gourmet Blend Gourmet Blend  
Garlic Powder  
Garlic Salt  
Garlic Salt  
Garlic Salt, California, with Parsley California, with Parsley  
Garlic Seasoning, Gourmet Blend Gourmet Blend  
Ginger, Ground  
Ground Chipotle Chile