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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Shoney's

Name Description Access Level
Fresh Mixed Vegetables  
Fried Butterfly Shrimp  
Fried Chicken Sandwich  
Fried Chicken Tenderloins  
Fried Chicken, Breast  
Fried Chicken, Leg  
Fried Chicken, Thigh  
Fried Chicken, Wing  
Fried Fish Platter  
Fried Okra  
Garden Pasta Salad  
Garden Salad  
Garlic Cheese Biscuit  
Garlic Grilled Shrimp  
Grandma's Meatloaf W/glaze 'Blue Plate Special'  
Grandma's Meatloaf W/gravy 'Blue Plate Special'  
Grape Jelly  
Grape Juice small  
Grapefruit Juice small  
Grapes, Seedless  
Gravy, Brown  
Green Bean  
Green Beans  
Grilled Chicken Entree  
Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Blackened  
Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Original  
Grilled Cod, Lite  
Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken  
Grilled Liver 'n' Onions 'Blue Plate Special'  
Grilled Salmon  
Grilled Salmon, Lite  
Grilled Shrimp  
Grilled Shrimp, Lite  
Grilled White Fish with Rice Pilaf  
Grilled Wild-Caught Pacific Salmon  
Half O'Pound (HOP) Dinner  
Half Stack Pancake Platter  
Half-o-pound Burger  
Half-o-pound Steak Southwest