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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Safeway


Name Description Access Level
Juice Cocktail, Grape Cranberry Flavored Grape Cranberry Flavored  
Juice Cocktail, Light, Cranberry Raspberry Light, Cranberry Raspberry  
Juice Cocktail, Light, Grape Light, Grape  
Juice Cocktail, Ruby Red Grapefruit & Tangerine Ruby Red Grapefruit & Tangerine  
Juice Cocktail, Vegetable Vegetable  
Juice Orange  
Juice, Hawaiian Pineapple Hawaiian Pineapple  
Juice, Tomato Tomato  
Juju Fish, Assorted Assorted  
Jumbo Corn Taco Shells Jumbo Corn  
Ketchup, Tomato Tomato  
Ketchup, Tomato Tomato  
Ketchup, Tomato Tomato  
Kidney Beans, Dark Red Dark Red  
Kidney Beans, Dark Red Dark Red  
Kidney Beans, Dark Red, Low Sodium Dark Red, Low Sodium  
Kidney Beans, Light Red Light Red  
Kids Chicken Alphabet Condensed Soup  
Kids Chicken And Stars Condensed Soup  
Kids Chicken Animals Condensed Soup  
Kids Noodle Mania Condensed Soup  
Kitchens, Tea, Green, Decaf, Bags Tea, Green, Decaf, Bags  
Kool Kake, Apple Apple  
Kool Kake, Blueberry Blueberry  
Kool Kake, Lemon Lemon  
Kool Kake, Raspberry Raspberry  
Kool Kake, Sock It To Me Sock It To Me  
Kosher Pickle Spears  
Lady Fingers  
Large Elbow Macaroni  
Large Lima Beans  
Large Pitted Olives  
Large Shells  
Lasagna Mix  
Lasagna, Oven Ready Oven Ready  
Leaf Spinach  
Leaf Spinach  
Lemon Drops  
Lemon Herbal Tea  
Lemon Juice  
Lemon Peel