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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Promise

Name Description Access Level
35% Vegetable Oil Spread, Light 35% Vegetable Oil, Light  
Blueberry Supershots  
Buttery Vegetable Oil Spread Heart Health Essentials; 60% vegetable oil  
Buttery Vegetable Oil Spread, Light Heart Health Essentials  
Buttery Vegetable Oil Spread, Nonfat  
Chia Seed Loaf  
Fat Free Margarine  
Gluten Free Chocolate & Marshmallow Biscuit Bar  
Gluten Free Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels  
Gluten Free Yogurt, Fruit, and Nut Bar  
Hamburger Bun  
Loaf, Multigrain  
Loaf, Multigrain  
Loaf, White  
Low Fat White Loaf Gluten Free  
Mixed Berry Supershots  
Multigrain Bread, High Fiber  
Nonfat Margarine  
Peach Apricot Supershots  
Peach Supershots  
Promise Activ, Buttery Spread  
Promise Activ, Light Spread  
Promise Buttery Spread  
Promise Fat-Free  
Promise Light  
Raspberry Supershots  
Spread, 35% Vegetable Oil, Light 35% Vegetable Oil, Light  
Spread, 60% Vegetable Oil, Buttery 60% Vegetable Oil, Buttery  
Spread, Fat Free Fat Free  
Strawberry Banana Supershots  
Strawberry Supershots  
Vegetable Oil Spread 35% Vegetable Oil, Light  
Vegetable Oil Spread  
Vegetable Oil Spread 60% Vegetable Oil, Buttery  
Vegetable Oil Spread  
Vegetable Oil Spread, 60%, Whipped, Buttery 60%, Whipped, Buttery  
Vegetable Oil Spread, 65% 65%  
Vegetable Oil Spread, Buttery Light Buttery Light  
Vegetable Oil Spread, Ultra Ultra  
Yogurt Fruit & Nut Bar, Chocolate & Marshmallow Biscuit Bar