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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Popsicle

Name Description Access Level
Lightning Lemon Ice Cup  
Mega Missle Double Fudge Ice Pop  
Mega Missle Explosion Ice Pop  
Mega Missle Firecracker Red/White/Blue Ice Pop  
Mega Missle Mega Warhead Ice Pop  
Mega Missle Watermelon Ice Pop  
Mighty Magic Minis Ice Pops  
Mighty Minis Ice Pops Mighty Minis, Slow Melt, Assorted Flavors  
Mystery Flavor Ice Pops, Great White, Orange, Cherry, Mystery Flavor Ice Pops Great White, Orange, Cherry, Mystery Flavor Ice Pops  
Orange & Raspberry Creamsicle - Low Fat  
Orange / Cherry / Grape Ice Pops  
Orange / Cherry / Grape Sugar Free Ice Pops  
Orange / Raspberry Creamsicle  
Orange Burst Pop-Ups Ice Pop  
Orange, Cherry & Mixed Berry - No Sugar Added Creamsicle  
Orange, Cherry & Mixed Berry - Sugar Free Creamsicle  
Orange, Cherry, Grape Ice Pops Assorted  
Original Fudge Bar Fudgsicle  
Original Fudge Bar, Fat Free Fudgsicle  
Original Fudge Bar, Low Fat Fudgsicle  
Original Fudge Bar, No Sugar Added Fudgsicle  
Peel-a-Pop Ice Pop  
Poke'mon Strawberry & Lemon Ice With Candy  
Pop Ups, Reckless Rainbow Reckless Rainbow  
Pop Ups, SpongeBob SquarePants, Strawberry & Lemonade SpongeBob SquarePants, Strawberry & Lemonade  
Pop Ups, The Fairly Odd Parents!, Raspberry/Lemon & Lime/Lemon The Fairly Odd Parents!, Raspberry/Lemon & Lime/Lemon  
Pop-Ups, Fear Factor, Assorted Fear Factor, Assorted  
Premium Fudge Bar, 100 Calorie Fudgsicle  
Pudding Pops, Jell-O, Assorted Jell-O, Assorted  
Rainbow ChocPops  
Rainbow Ice Pops  
Rainbow Ice Pops Rainbow  
Reckless Rainbow Pop-Ups Ice Pop  
Red / White / Blue (Lemonade, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry) Ice Pops  
Red Classics  
Red Classics Popsicle  
Root Beer / Banana / Lemon Lime Ice Pops  
Rugrats Cookie Sandwich with Characters  
Scribblers Assorted Flavors Ice Pops Scribblers, Assorted Flavors  
Scribblers Ice Pops  
Scribblers Ice Pops, Single Serve  
Sherbet Cyclone Pops  
Sherbet Smile Ice Bars  
Shots, Intense Fruit Intense Fruit  
Single Serve Novelty, 2 Ball Screwball Cherry 2 Ball Screwball Cherry