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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in P.F. Chang's

Name Description Access Level
Almond and Cashew Chicken  
Beef with Broccoli Home Menu Meals  
Buddha's Feast Steamed  
Cantonese Scallops  
Chang's Signature Rice  
Dumplings, Chicken and Vegetable  
Firecracker Shrimp with Yakisoba Noodles Hoe Menu Meals  
Firecracker Shrimp, with Yakisoba Noodles with Yakisoba Noodles  
Garlic Chicken with Dan Dan Noodles Home Menu Meals  
Garlic Chicken, with Dan Dan Noodles with Dan Dan Noodles  
Garlic Snap Peas  
General Chang's Chicken  
General Chang's Chicken Home Menu Meals  
Ginger Chicken & Broccoli  
Ginger Chicken and Broccoli  
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki with Lo Mein Noodles  
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki, with Lo Mein Noodles with Lo Mein Noodles  
Meals for 2, Beef with Broccoli Beef with Broccoli  
Meals for 2, Orange Chicken Orange Chicken  
Mongolian Style Chicken Home Menu Meals  
Moo Goo Gai Pan  
Mu Shu Chicken - Special Request no egg  
Oolong Marinated Sea Bass  
Orange Chicken Home Menu Meals  
Oriental Chicken Salad - Special Request no dressing  
Pepper Steak, with Chow Fun Noodles with Chow Fun Noodles  
Peppered Beef with Chow Fun Noodles Home Menu Meals  
Sesame Chicken  
Shanghai Style Beef  
Shanghai Style Beef Home Menu Meals  
Shrimp in a Garlic Sauce  
Shrimp Lo Mein  
Shrimp Lo Mein Home Menu Meals  
Singapore Street Noodles  
Sweet & Sour Chicken  
Sweet & Sour Chicken  
Szechuan Style Shrimp Home Menu Meals  
Teriyaki Chicken Spring Rolls