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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Oreo

Name Description Access Level
Oreo Cookie, Carb Well  
Oreo Cookie, Chocolate Creme  
Oreo Cookie, Chocolate Creme, Mini  
Oreo Cookie, Chocolate Fudge Covered  
Oreo Cookie, Double Stuff  
Oreo Cookie, Fudge Mint  
Oreo Cookie, Golden Original  
Oreo Cookie, Golden Uh-oh w/chocolate creme  
Oreo Cookie, Mini bite-size  
Oreo Cookie, Mint 'n Creme 'Double Delight'  
Oreo Cookie, Reduced Fat  
Oreo Cookie, Spring Purple Creme  
Oreo Cookie, White Fudge Covered  
Oreo Cookie, Winter Red Creme  
Oreo Cookies, Chocolate Fudge Sundae Creme Limited Edition  
Oreo Creme Dip  
Oreo Golden Chocolate Creme Sandwich, Golden Chocolate Creme  
Oreo Mini Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Sandwich, Chocolate, Bite Size, Go-Paks!  
Oreo Mini, Candy Cane Creme  
Oreo Smile Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 12 Packs Sandwich, Chocolate  
Oreo, Chocolate Sandwich Sandwich, Chocolate  
Orep Berry Burst Ice Cream Chocolate Sandwich, Berry Burst Ice Cream  
Original Cookies  
Peanut Butter Creme Sandwich, Chocolate, Peanut Butter Creme  
Peppermint Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies  
Peppermint Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies  
Pie Crust  
Pie Crust  
Pie Crust, Oreo Cookie  
Raspberry Fudge Cremes Fudge Cremes, Raspberry  
S'mores Graham Flavored Sandwich Cookies  
S'mores, Marshmallow Chocolate Flavoured Creme  
Sandwich Cookie Chocolate, Mini Fun Size Holiday  
Sandwich Cookie Double Stuf, Chocolate  
Sandwich Cookie Double Stuf, Double Stuf  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Creme  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Creme Mini Snak-Saks  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Fudge Covered  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Fudge Mint Covered  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Mini Bite Size  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Mini Bite Size Go-Pak  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Mini Bite Size Packs 2 Go!  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Mini Fun Size Easter  
Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Sandwich with Organic Flour