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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Nescafe

Name Description Access Level
3 in 1 Coffee Mix  
3in1 Coffee Mix  
3in1 Coffee Mix  
Black Iced Coffee Drink Mix  
Blend & Brew Coffee Mix, Original  
Blend 43 Coffee  
Cafe con Leche Instant Coffee with Milk  
CAfe de Olla Coffee Beverage, Canela Cinnamon Instant, Cinnamon  
Cafe de Olla, Cinnamon  
Cafe de Olla, Cinnamon Cinnamon  
Cappuccino Skinny Coffee Mix  
Cappuccino, Caramel  
Chai Tea Latte  
Clasico Decaf Coffee  
Clasico Instant Coffee  
Clasico Original Instant Coffee  
Classic Instant Coffee  
Coco Mocha  
Coffee Beverage Mix  
Coffee Beverage Mix, Cafe Mokaccino Cafe Mokaccino  
Coffee Beverage Mix, Cappuccino 0.7 Oz Packets Cappuccino 0.7 Oz Packets  
Coffee Drink  
Coffee Drink, Caramel Cappuccino Caramel Cappuccino  
Coffee Drink, Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha  
Coffee Drink, Chocolate Mint Mocha Chocolate Mint Mocha  
Coffee Drink, Chocolate Raspberry Mocha Chocolate Raspberry Mocha  
Coffee Drink, French Vanilla Cappuccino Decaf French Vanilla Cappuccino Decaf  
Coffee House Drink, Divinely Mocha Divinely Mocha  
Coffee House Drink, Enchanting Vanilla Enchanting Vanilla  
Coffee Mix, Creamy White  
Coffee Mix, Silky Roast  
Coffee, Hazelnut  
Coffee, Instant W/chicory, Pad 'Mountain Blend'  
Coffee, Instant, Decaf, Pad  
Coffee, Instant, Pad 'Classic'  
Coffee, Sweet Cream  
Creamy Latte Coffee Mix  
Dolca Dark Roast Coffee Mix  
Dolca, Coffee  
Dolce Gusto, Chococino  
Espresso Roast  
French Vanilla