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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Little Debbie

Name Description Access Level
Angel Food Cakes, Raspberry Filled, Pre-Priced Raspberry Filled, Pre-Priced  
Apple Streusel Coffee Cake  
Banana Nut Loaves, Pre-Priced Pre-Priced  
Banana Twins Cakes  
Be My Valentine Brownies, Iced, Pre-Priced Iced, Pre-Priced  
Be My Valentine Cakes Chocolate  
Be My Valentine Cakes Pink  
Be My Valentine Cakes  
Be My Valentine Iced Brownies Be My Valentine  
Be My Valentine Red Velvet Cakes  
Blueberry Creme Rolls  
Blueberry Loaves, Pre-Priced Pre-Priced  
Blueberry Muffins Blueberry  
Boston Creme Rolls  
Breakfast Cookies, Apple Filled Apple Filled  
Brownie, Fudge  
Brownie, Lowfat  
Brownies, Racecar Shaped Racecar Shaped  
Brownies, Santa Santa  
Brownies, Triple Fudge Triple Fudge  
Cake Donut  
Cake Rolls, Holiday, Cherry Creme Holiday, Cherry Creme  
Cake, Devil Cremes Devil Cremes  
Cakes, Chocolate Chocolate  
Cakes, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip  
Cakes, Vanilla Vanilla  
Cakes, Zebra Zebra  
Caramel Cookie Bars, Pre-Priced Pre-Priced  
Cheese Sandwich Crackers, Cheddar Cheddar  
Cheese Sandwich Crackers, Peanut Butter Peanut Butter  
Cherry Cordials Cookies  
Choclate Cake, with Choclate Flavored Icing with Choclate Flavored Icing  
Chocolate Cakes  
Chocolate Chip Cookies  
Chocolate Cupcake  
Chocolate Cupcake, Creme Filled Creme Filled  
Chocolate Cupcakes Chocolate, Creme Filled, Individually Wrapped  
Chocolate Cupcakes  
Chocolate Cupcakes, Creme Filled Creme Filled  
Chocolate Marshmallow Pies  
Christmas Tree Brownies  
Christmas Tree Cake  
Christmas Tree Cakes Christmas Tree  
Christmas Tree Cakes  
Christmas Tree Cakes, Club Pack Club Pack