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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Karo

Name Description Access Level
Corn Syrup, Dark  
Corn Syrup, Dark Dark  
Corn Syrup, Dark W/Refiners' Syrup Dark W/Refiners' Syrup  
Corn Syrup, Dark w/Refiners' Syrup Dark w/Refiners' Syrup  
Corn Syrup, Light  
Corn Syrup, Light, with Real Vanilla Light, with Real Vanilla  
Corn Syrup, Light, With Real Vanilla Light, With Real Vanilla  
Corn Syrup, with Real Brown Sugar with Real Brown Sugar  
Dark Corn Syrup Dark  
Dark Corn Syrup  
Dark Corn Syrup with Refiner's Syrup  
Light Corn Syrup with Real Vanilla  
Light Corn Syrup With Real Vanilla Light, With Real Vanilla  
Pancake Syrup  
Pancake Syrup  
Pancake Syrup  
Syrup, Lite Lite  
Syrup, Pancake Pancake  
Syrup, Pancake Pancake