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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Hershey's

Name Description Access Level
Chocolate Drink  
Chocolate Eggs, Cookies'n'Creme Cookies'n'Creme  
Chocolate Flavor Syrup  
Chocolate Flavor Syrup  
Chocolate Low Fat Milk  
Chocolate Malt Syrup, Whoppers Whoppers  
Chocolate Malt Syrup, Whoppers  
Chocolate Milk Mix  
Chocolate Milk Mix Powder  
Chocolate Mix  
Chocolate Mix, Assortment, Party Bag Assortment, Party Bag  
Chocolate Shake  
Chocolate Shoppe Fudge Topping, Double Chocolate Double Chocolate  
Chocolate Shoppe Fudge Topping, Fat Free, Hot Fudge Fat Free, Hot Fudge  
Chocolate Shoppe Sprinkles, Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Candy Coated Milk Chocolate  
Chocolate Shoppe Sprinkles, Reese's Reese's  
Chocolate Spreads  
Chocolate Syrup  
Chocolate Syrup with Calcium  
Chocolate Syrup, Dulce De Leche  
Chocolate Syrup, Light genuine chocolate  
Chocolate Syrup, Special Dark  
Chocolate Syrup, Sugar Free  
Chocolate Truffles  
Chocolate, Cookies 'n' Creme Cookies 'n' Creme  
Chocolate, Kisses Assortment Kisses Assortment  
Chocolate, Milk Milk  
Chocolate, Party Bag Party Bag  
Chocolate, Reese's Miniatures/Hershey's Kisses/Rolo Caramels Reese's Miniatures/Hershey's Kisses/Rolo Caramels  
Chocolate, Unsweetened Unsweetened  
Chocolates, Assorted Milk and Dark, Caramels Collection Assorted Milk and Dark, Caramels Collection  
Chocolates, Assorted, Nuts Collection Assorted, Nuts Collection  
Chocolates, Caramel Filled, Sugar Free Caramel Filled, Sugar Free  
Chocolates, Miniatures Assorted  
Chocolates, Miniatures Miniatures  
Chocolates, Raspberry Creme Raspberry Creme  
Chocolates, Sugar Free Sugar Free  
Cinnamon Chips  
Cinnamon Chips  
Classic Caramel, Sundae Syrup  
Classic Caramels, Chocolate Creme Filled Chocolate Creme Filled  
Classic Caramels, Holiday Assortment Holiday Assortment  
Classic Chocolate Fudge Topping  
Classic Hot Cocoa, Rich Chocolate Rich Chocolate  
Classic Hot Cocoa, Rich Chocolate with Marshmallows Rich Chocolate with Marshmallows