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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Hain

Name Description Access Level
Mini Cakes, Popped Corn, Low Fat, Caramel Popped Corn, Low Fat, Caramel  
Mini Cakes, Popped Corn, Low Fat, Plain Popped Corn, Low Fat, Plain  
Mini Cakes, Popped Corn, Mild Cheddar Popped Corn, Mild Cheddar  
Mini Cakes, Popped Corn, White Cheddar Popped Corn, White Cheddar  
Mini Rice Cakes, Fat Free, Plain Fat Free, Plain  
Mini Rice Snacks, Apple Cinnamon Apple Cinnamon  
Mini Rice Snacks, Devil's Food Devil's Food  
Mini Rice Snacks, Honey Nut Honey Nut  
Mini Rice Snacks, Peanut Butter Peanut Butter  
Mini Rice Snacks, Plain Plain  
Mini Rice Snacks, Ranch Ranch  
Mini Rice Snacks, Strawberry Strawberry  
Oil, Grape Seed Grape Seed  
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin  
Peanut Oil  
Peanut Oil  
Peanut Oil  
Popped Corn Cakes, Fat Free, Plain Fat Free, Plain  
Popped Corn Cakes, Low Fat, Caramel Low Fat, Caramel  
Powdered Sugar, Organic Organic  
Rice Cake, Apple Cinnamon, Mini 'Mini Munchies'  
Rice Cake, Honey Nut, Mini 'Mini Munchies'  
Rice Cake, Peanut Butter, Mini 'Mini Munchies'  
Rice Cake, Strawberry, Mini 'Mini Munchies'  
Rice Cakes, Fat Free, Honey Nut Fat Free, Honey Nut  
Rice Cakes, Low Fat, Apple Cinnamon Low Fat, Apple Cinnamon  
Safflower Oil 'Hi-Oleic'  
Safflower Oil  
Safflower Oil  
Salt, Sea iodized  
Sea Salt  
Sea Salt  
Sea Salt, Iodized Iodized  
Seasoning Mix, Taco Taco  
Sesame Oil  
Sesame Oil  
Soy Munchies, Caramel 'PureSnax'  
Soy Munchies, Caramel Caramel  
Soy Munchies, Ranch 'PureSnax'  
Soy Munchies, Ranch Ranch  
Soy Munchies, White Cheddar 'PureSnax'  
Soy Munchies, White Cheddar White Cheddar  
Soybean Oil  
Soybean Oil  
Spring Harvest, with a Delicate Seasoning with a Delicate Seasoning