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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Gerber Graduates

Name Description Access Level
Cereal Bars - Apple Cinnamon  
Cereal Bars - Strawberry/Banana  
Cookies - Arrowroot  
Cookies - Banana  
Crackers - Cheese  
Crackers - Cinnamon Animal  
Crackers - Veggie  
Grabbers Squeezable Fruit & Veggies, Apple & Sweet Potato with Cinnamon  
Grabbers Squeezable Fruit & Veggies, Apple, Peach & Spinach  
Grabbers Squeezable Fruit, Banana Blueberry  
Infant & Toddler Formula, Soy Based Powder Crawler 9-24 Months Soy Based Powder Crawler 9-24 Months  
Infant Formula, Gentle Powder Gentle Powder  
Infant Formula, Protect Powder Protect Powder  
Lil' Crunchies Whole Grain Corn Snack, Cinnamon Maple  
Lil' Entrees - Cheese Ravioli w/ Mixed Veggies  
Lil' Entrees - Chicken & Noodles w/ Green Beans  
Lil' Entrees - Macaroni & Cheese w/ Peas & Carrots  
Lil' Entrees - Mashed Potatoes & Chicken w/ Carrots  
Lil' Entrees - Pasta Stars in Meat Sauce w/ Green Beans  
Lil' Entrees - Pasta w/ Garden Vegetables  
Lil' Entrees - Pasta Wheels & Chicken w/ Peas  
Lil' Snackers Puffs - Apple Cinnamon  
Lil' Snackers Puffs - Banana  
Lil' Snackers Puffs - Strawberry Apple  
Lil' Snackers Puffs - Sweet Potato  
Lil' Twists Baked Snack, Carrot Zucchini & Cheddar  
Lil' Whoos, Mild Cheddar  
Lil' Whoos, Veggie Multigrain  
Mini Fruits Apple  
Mini Fruits Banana Strawberry  
Pasta Pick-Ups - Cheese Ravioli  
Pasta Pick-Ups - Chicken & Carrot Ravioli  
Pasta Pick-Ups - Pasta in Meat Sauce  
Pasta Pick-Ups - Spinach & Cheese Ravioli  
Pasta Pick-Ups - Turkey & Veggie Ravioli  
Pasta Pick-Ups, Chicken & Carrot Ravioli  
Sweet Potato & Cheese Ravioli  
Yogurt Melts, Mixed Berries